A Health Breakthrough: Sweetener-Free Chocolate

Remove All Sweeteners
From Chocolate
Using the Coca Leaf

All natural chocolates average 50% sugar, with some reaching toxic levels of 75% sugar.
KukaXoco eliminates this addictive, diabetes-inducing, obesity-inducing, deadly toxin
(daily consumption of added sugar contributes to over 150,000 deaths a year).
KukaXoco frees cacao from sugar's deadly embrace!

With a discovery from the Andes,

scientists at KukaXoco (kúkazóko) have proved that safe and healthy extracts of coca leaf (FDA and DEA compliant), completely debitter unsweetened cacao, allowing the chocolate industry to remove one of the world's most destructive and addictive drugs, sugar, from their products. By removing all sugar, while preserving taste and aroma of chocolate - with no bitterness, KukaXoco has turned chocolate into the world's most delicious health food.

How Sugar Poisons Chocoalte

How the Coca Leaf debitters Cacao Coca Leaf - a Safe Food Additive

You see coca leaf; and you say 'Why?'
But I dream of coca leaf uses that never were;
and I say 'Why not coca-chocolate?'
- Jorge Bernardo Shaw

How easy is it to debitter cacao with coca leaf extracts?

Easy!!! Brew up to two bags of coca tea in a cup of hot water. Mix in two tablespoons of unsweetened Hershey's Cacao (or any non-Dutch processed cacao powder). Stir. Drink.
The bitterness is eliminated while preserving chocolate taste, aroma and color.


Eliminating the sugar from chocolate

Eliminating the Sugar

Our current formulation eliminates most of the sugar and fat, by reducing the sugar and fat down to 15% (goal is 5%), while being indistinguishable from (dark) chocolate (fudge) in terms of taste, color, and odor - with no aftertaste, and with no need for alkalinization.


Ingredient Quantity Percentage
12 grams 84%
Fat (cacao),
2 grams 15%
Salt, Vanilla, Glucose, Stevia, etc.   1%
Coca Leaf Extract
(in hot water)
1-2 tablespoons  
Step by Step KukaXoco Process

Step by Step Process

Prepare the herbal extract in hot water. Mix in the other ingredients. Stir to consistency. No cooking needed. Finger-licking good!!!! That's it.


Removing 900 Pounds of Sugar from a Ton of Chocolate

One ton of cacao is de-bittered by 2 ounces of herbal extract, replacing 900 pounds of sugar, saving $400 per ton.

7 Oct 2016

Detoxing Chocolate: Removing All Sweeteners

On 7 October 2016, KukaXoco president Greg Aharonian spoke at the London Chocolate Forum, hosted by Kennedy's Confections magazine. His talk focused on the growing legal and financial threats to the chocolate industry from their reliance on an addictive and toxic drug, sugar, which comprises 50% of all of the chocolate in world, and contributes to the global health problems due to diabetes and obesity. His talk concluded with a discussion of a new solution to the bitterness problem of cacao (requiring lots of sugar) - use of coca leaf extracts. Click here to download a copy of his presentation.

Walking the Andes: turnING Chocolate into Medicine

Here I discuss a new de-bittering agent from a little used herb of the Andean region of Bolivia and Peru - the coca leaf.

Greg Aharonian Blazing Trails for Chocolate Lovers

1 Oct 2015

Walking the Andes to Turn Chocolate into a Medicine

On 1 October 2015, KukaXoco president Greg Aharonian presented a lecture at the 2015 World Chocolate Forum, in which he discussed the looming problems to the chocolate industry with regards to the over-reliance on an addictive and toxic drug, sugar, and how extracts from the coca leaf can be used to simply and safely remove sugar from chocolate. The Forum was held at the British Library in London, the Forum sponsored by the publishers of Kennedy's Confections, a leading publication in the areas of chocolate and candy production. Click here to download a copy of his presentation.

Health and Medical Benefits of (sugar-free, fat-free) Chocolate

In recent years, various studies have shown that consumption of cocoa can reduce the rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other health problems...