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The Health Benefits of Cocoa
In October 2015, Greg Aharonian made his first public presentation of KukaXoco's cacao debittering technology, at the Kennedy's Chocolate Forum in London. It was KukaXoco's beginning forays into bringing the benefits of the coca leaf to the global chocolate market. In October 2016, Greg will be speaking again at Kennedy's Chocolate Forum. 2015 was just practice!!!!!

KukaXoco in the News

Quite period from February 2016 to September 2016 as we worked on patents.

The coca leaf revolution - how coco leaf can be used to make chocolate without fat, sugar or sweeteners
- Kennedy's Confections, Janaury 2016

Lo que debes saber de la hoja de coca, más allá de su criminalización [y KukaXoco chocolate]
- La Mula (PE), 22 November 2015

KukaXoco - world's first healthy medicinal chocolate
- Supplement Police, 11 November 2015

Cocoa is 10 million years older than first thought
- Daily Mail (UK), 10 November 2015

Chocolate as medicine? WHOA!
- FoodWorldNews, 30 October 2015

Scientists developed a healthy medical chocolate
- Pure Herbal Extract, 26 October 2015

Did chocolate just get way healthier?
- Gusto TV, 22 October 2015

Medicinal chocolate is here, thanks to the coca leaf
- Weggl, 17 October 2015

The best medicine of them all - new chocolate offers health benefits, much less fat
- Independent Reporter, 16 October 2015

Medicinal chocolate: medicine doesn't taste any sweeter than this
- FoodWorldNews, 14 October 2015

A bitter-less chocolate - a dream come true?
- Food Tech Updates, 12 October 2015

Hebben wetenschappers medicinale chocolade ontwikkeld?
- Waar Maar Raar (NL), 12 October 2015

Choklad! Snart lika nyttigt som medicin
- Halsoliv (SE), 09 October 2015

Bisa tekan rasa pahit, ilmuwan bikin cokelat jadi lebih sehat
- CNN Indonesia, 08 October 2015

Medicinal chocolate: scientist invented a healthy chocolate that can be taken as a medication
- FoodWorldNews, 06 October 2015

Elaboran un chocolate con la mitad de grasas que es bueno para la salud
- Excite (ES), 05 October 2015

Cientistas criam chocolate mais saudável
- Jornal de Noticias (PT), 05 October 2015

Alimenti: cioccolato 'magro' da usare come medicinale
- Focus (IT), 05 October 2015

World's first medicinal chocolate developed
- NDTV (IN), 05 October 2015

There will soon be a medicinal chocolate bar that is healthy for you
- The Daily Meal, 05 October 2015

These brave souls are turning chocolate into a medicine
- Complex, 04 October 2015

Finally! Scientists invent 'medicinal' chocolate containing just 35 per cent fat
- Independent (IE), 03 October 2015

Scientists invent chocolate so healthy 'it could be eaten as medicine'
- Independent (UK), 03 October 2015

World's first 'medicinal' chocolate: scientists have developed a bar so healthy it could be taken as medicine
- Daily Mail (UK), 03 October 2015

Il primo 'cioccolato-medicinale' del mondo: "Merito di un'erba della Bolivia"
- ADN Kronos (IT), 03 October 2015

Scientists invent world's first 'medicinal' chocolate
- Sarem Hospital News (IR), 02 Ocotber 2015

Coca reduce la grasa del chocolate y la convierte en medicina
- Opinion (BO), 13 September 2015

Descubren en Bolivia chocolate medicinal con coca
- El Heraldo de Saltillo (MX), 05 September 2015

"KukaXoco": el chocolate medicinal que contiene coca
- ENCOD, 05 September 2015

"KukaXoco": el chocolate medicinal que contiene coca
- SinEmbargo (MX), 05 September 2015

Chocolate en base a coca y cacao para enfrentar el colesterol, diabetes y cancer
- Bolivia Informa, 31 Agosto 2015

Crean en Bolivia chocolate en base a coca y cacao para enfrentar el colesterol, diabetes y cancer
- Consulado de Bolivia (Argentina), 31 Agosto 2015

Crean chocolate de coca sin azúcar para contrarrestar cinco enfermedades
- Cambio (BO), 31 Agosto 2015

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