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The Quantum Computing Patent Defense Policy

KukaXoco is making available a global Quantum Computing Patent Defense Policy, which for a one-time premium of ~$1,000,000, will protect a company from all existing and future quantum computing patents issued in all countries, covering legal fees and any damages - guaranteed. For a $20 million grant, we will offer this coverage to the entire world - for free. For a $2 million grant, we will insure the world for free from IBM’s quantum computing patents (the biggest portfolio out there – great tech, unenforceable patents). For a $200,000 grant, we will insure against all Microsoft quantum patents. The policy renders all quantum computing patents worthless to their owners, and all investments in the owners’ companies worthless to the investors – guaranteed assessments. And we don’t even look at the patents in question, just rely on inadequate IP laws.

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A table of contents of the paper on the insurance policy follows. Note: None of the following applies to patents for quantum dots used for illumination purposes, which are enforceable and have value. None of the following applies to superconducting digital logic circuit patents, which are enforceable and have value.

Quantum Computing Patents/Investments Are Worthless To Their Inventors

Abstract: Quantum computing (QC - 量子计算) physics is fascinating, and the engineering is fun. Especially if you can do either or both with other people’s monies. But these other people are investors/managers who want a return on their capital for funding your innovations, and typically ask that you patent your inventions. In light of the near impossibility of transnational method patent enforcement, trivial communication penalties for transnational quantum computing transactions, authoritarian hostility of the federal judiciary towards computing patents, and the availability of IP insurance against all of these patents -- all existing/future quantum computing patents are guaranteed to be worthless. And these investments won’t be protected by patents.


Why Quantum Computing Software Patents are Worthless (ClearConnect v. Align Tech.)

Why Quantum Computing Hardware Patents are Worthless (real numbers don’t exist)

Why Quantum Decryption/Factoring Patents are Worthless (post-quantum protocols)

Why Quantum Network Security Patents are Worthless (all three reasons above)

Worthless Quantum Computing Patents by Corporate/University Owner

Why Many Quantum Computing Patents Are Worthless for Being Invalid

Implications for Multi-Core/Tensor-Core Processor Patents

Patent System Hates “Abstract”/Software Inventions, and Quantum is Both (Alice, KSR)

Patent System has Draconian Semantics - Quantum is a Semantic Mess (Chef America)

Why Most Patent Lawyers are Quantum-Incompetent

Advice for Foreign Countries’ Quantum Computing R&D

The Quantum Computing Patent Defense Policy – (~$1,000,000 for endless coverage)

Why All Quantum Computing Patents/Investments are Worth Less than $1,000,000

Useless Law Review Articles on Useless Quantum Computer Patents


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