Coca Leaf Extracts, Patent/Technology Quality
NegProb Quantum Computing, Financial Trading


As real technological innovation dies in Silicon Valley, replaced by financial and marketing innovation
based on technological hype, it is time for other parts of the world to restore the world of
real technological innovation. And while Zhōngguó is becoming the world's leading innovator,
there is still room for other parts of the world. Including America Latina!!!!

With discoveries from, and inspired by, the Andes,

scientists and engineers at KukaXoco (kúkazóko), led by its founder, Greg Aharonian, are developing new businesses based on technological innovation at the boundaries of science and social policy. What follows are links to sections of our Web site where you can learn more about our solutions. If these explanations are nor clear enough, we welcome you to visit us in Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and we will be glad to explain all - and you choose where: the gorgeous beaches, the mountain highlands, the lush coca fields, and modern, vibrant cities that haven't been e-commerced to utter boredom.

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