The Coca Leaf

       The taste of chococlate - with no bitterness

Using coca leaf - are you crazy - isn't that a drug?

Actually ... Sugar is the Drug

The coca alkaloids we use to debitter cacao are completely safe - safer than some of your favorite food additives such as caffeine and citric acid. Safer than the main chocolate chemical - theobromine. And certainly much safer than the deadly, addictive, diabetes-inducing drug that it eliminates from chocolate - sugar. Our coca-chocolate uses micrograms of coca alkaloid per gram amounts of KukaXoco. Thus, our coca-chocolate can be legally sold through pharmacies around the world (with registration), as it comes under the 0.1% limit of the international treaty on drug control (see below).

The Healthly History of The Coca Leaf

U.S. Racism, and Modern Europe has Coca Leaf as a Foundation

For over 500 years, the coca leaf has been safely enjoyed by South Americans, in the forms of coca tea and coca leaf chewing. In 500 years, there have been no reports of deaths nor addictions from these social uses of coca leaf. NONE. That Americans can't enjoy the benefits of the full coca leaf is solely due to the early 1900s racist policies of the United States. The Europeans were smarter (more evil, but smarter), in the 1500s enslaving and killing millions of South Americans in Bolivia and Peru, while stealing what is today worth hundreds of billions of dollars of silver from the hellish Potosi mines of Bolivia, which funded some of the foundations of modern Europe. And how did the millions of slaves survive the hells of Potosi (and the supporting mercury mines)? THE COCA LEAF. Some of the few publications on this evil history, and the coca leaf's healthy 500 legacy.

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